Spinning the Color Wheel - mixing colors

Spinning the Color Wheel – Mixing Colors (part 2)

Colors are always relative to their environment – the very same hue can appear both dull or brilliant, depending on the surrounding colors. In the first part of the tutorial Spinning the Color Wheel – Basic Color Theory I showed you how to construct the basic color wheel (go and check it out if you missed it). In this part, we will take a look at the most common color combinations, so you have a starting point in building your palettes.

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Spinning the Colorwheel

Spinning the Color Wheel – Basic Color Theory (part 1)

Color is probably the most important ingredient in every visual artist’s toolbox. Think of colors as the notes composing a melody – they play their music on canvas, they set the mood, they awaken the emotion in a viewer. Color combinations can be both loud and quiet, serene or frightening, warm or cold. Never underestimate their power, for they can turn even the most tranquil landscape into a nightmare, and the most frightening linework into a joke (try to visualize a pink Venom- disturbing, right?).

So, obviously, we need to learn to use colors to our advantage.

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