How to Improve Your Digital Line Work

Ever since I started using a tablet, I noticed my line work becoming more and more… wonky. From what I read about it, it seems to be a common problem, that’s why most artists still prefer to first sketch their drawings on paper. Still, I kept searching the internet for something that could be done to improve the quality of my lines/ellipses, etc.

So, I found Dynamic Sketching I With Peter Han and gave it a shot. His exercises are meant for traditional drawing, but they must work a tablet as well, right? Right!

Peter Han exercise- lines

The lines exercise… quite painful

What he’s suggesting to do in order to improve the line work is a series of nerve-wrecking, repetitive exercises… which I think actually work. Just like at the gym, where the most annoying and painful exercises are the most efficient ones, so are these ones. If you watch the video up until the end, Peter Han is also giving out some helpful tipsĀ  about how to maintain control over your hand and make sure you don’t go too slow or too fast.

I actually tried my hand at it and I can tell you – it is harder than you think. While drawing the long lines, I must admit, I was literally holding my breath, scared I would mess it up. Squiggly lines are almost unavoidable (in the picture you can actually see the mess that I made), but I honestly felt a small improvement and I am willing to bet – in some months of doing these regularly, my eye-hand coordination and control will improve dramatically. So now, I just need to keep at it and let you guys know how things are going.

If you’re in the habit of doodling when you’re on the phone, or in meetings at work, etc, you could try to sneak in these exercises as well. There’s always room for some improvement, right?


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